​Farm Tables 

All our farm style tables are hand constructed of antique recycled native woods taken from beams and planks of salvaged buildings. Some were barns, some houses and many were factories and warehouses from around New England and beyond. From those structures beams and other timbers are sawn, planed and shaped into the "blanks" you will see in our shop. 

Farmhouse Leg Base (painted)

Table bases can be painted or stained.

Cape Cod Colonial Tables

New ! Retro metal hairpin legs! Great for farm door tables or when you just want something different.

Farmhouse Leg Base (stained)

This is our most popular table base for a traditional farmhouse table.


"The devils is in the details". Once a top is chosen for finishing many steps follow to insure that your table will stand the "test of time" and perform as a fine piece of furniture. Antique wood will shrink and expand with the seasons and we allow for that in our careful assembly and finishing steps. 

Contact Bob for Additional Information

​Bob Benson     508-280-8005  bbensonfish@aol.com

Chris Benson   78l-789-6707

Shaker Leg Base

The Shaker Leg is another popular design option.

Trestle Base 

Trestle bases add a beautiful look to a farmhouse table.

Pedestal base inverted to show the sturdy construction.