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Cape Cod Colonial Tables

Care of our tables! Basically all you need to do is wipe up with a damp cloth or sponge. A diluted solution of Murphy's Oil Soap occasionally will give you a soft glow! They will not water spot or ring, resist all staining and do not require the use of coasters or tablecloths. Place mats work well and are a nice touch.

Large 10 footer x 42 inches wide

Provincetown's Cafe Heaven, delivery

last summer

Dining tables are humble, hardworking home furnishings. We eat at them day after day, pretty them up for holiday dinners, yet pound on them when we need a work table. A well made table requires almost no maintenance, and in return gives generations of solid service. 

Here's my thoughts on sizing a table to room. You will be very happy if the table fills the space! Let the table be the centerpiece of the dining area! Here's how..........measure the space of room. Allow 36 inch minimum at each end for chairs. That's six feet ....deduct from length of room, that should give you an idea of table size! Keep in mind the seating guide, a six foot table seats six, a seven footer seats eight! Fill the space!!!!! you won't regret making it bigger.