Our incomparable live edge 1 1/2 inch thick Antique Chestnut. Volumes could be written on the beauty and toughness of this nearly extinct native American hardwood. Quite simply gorgeous!!!!

​a couple of thoughts about our antique chestnut tables:

 chestnut is a hardwood, just about extinct due to a blight infecting about all the trees here in America. 

All of the chestnut we use is recycled from beams and posts from barns, factories and houses from around the eastern part of the country. 

​​Classic Chestnut Table with Shaker leg with set of Black Windsor Chairs 42 inches wide by 8 feet long.

In another customer's home, thick Chestnut Tres​tle table with Windsor Chairs.

our finish

questions about what finish we use frequently come up! 

We use a professional finish that needs no polishes, waxes, tablecloths or such. Will not water spot or stain in normal use.

Chestnut Table with Trestle Base, Windsor Chairs in customer's home - 44 inches wide by 9 feet long.

Another thick Chestnut Trestle table in customer's home with Windsor Chairs.

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Thick Chestnut top, 1 1/2" thick, 9 feet long with heavy solid Chestnut Trestle base.  Table in showroom here in Chatham.

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